Expanding the Care Team to Improve Outcomes: Minnesota Evaluation Project Highlights Impact of Pharmacy-Based Interventions - Shared screen with speaker view
Ellen Kormanik
Hello. We will begin the presentation momentarily.
Ellen Kormanik
Welcome to MN Community Measurement's webinar on Evaluating the Impact of Pharmacy-Based Interventions. This webinar is being recorded. A copy of the recording and slide deck will be available after the presentation. Please use the chat feature to ask technical questions about the webinar. Please use the Q & A feature for all other questions. We will have a Q & A session and answer questions at the end of the presentation.
Ellen Kormanik
As a reminder, please use the Q & A feature for general questions about the topic.
Michelle Vu
Outcomes were tracked for 1,946 patients who were eligible for reporting- may you elaborate on the eligible for reporting criteria?