Preparing to Onboard to PIPE: A Detailed Look at the Process and Requirements - Shared screen with speaker view
Ellen Kormanik
Hello and welcome to the PIPE Webinar #2: An orientation to PIPE. Please post questions in the Q & A and we will answer questions at the end of the webinar.
Ellen Kormanik
Please use the Chat function to ask technical questions about the webinar.
Ellen Kormanik
As a reminder, to ask a question, please type your question into the "Q&A" box at any time during the webinar. We'll keep a list of these questions as we go along for when we get to the discussion section at the end.
Ellen Kormanik
Yes. The first PIPE webinar is available through our Knowledge Base.
Amy Krier
To access the first PIPE webinar, visit our past Events page at: https://mncm.org/past-events-webinars/